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The priority of the PaySpot electronic money institution is trust and customer satisfaction. Our call center is at your disposal for the necessary information or help at 021/310-3000 as well as RIA multilingual support on +381113216860

Leader of payment servicesWe were among the first to introduce:
Payment transactions and remittances

Today, we are a company that has signed an agreement on the world’s two largest international remittance companies – money transfer – RIA Transfer Money (USA) and KORONAPAY EUROPE LTD  International Money Transfer (Cyprus).

We successfully cooperate with a large number of commercial banks in Serbia – OTP Bank, Aik Bank, Addiko Bank, Erste Bank, Direct Bank, Komercijalna Banka, Postal Savings Bank, as well as with all insurance companies operating in our country.

Today, PaySpot in Serbia has a network of over 1300 representatives who have the opportunity to offer payment transactions to their clients within their business. That is why we can say that we are: “Your good neighbor”.

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December 2015

PaySpot is being established

Just before the end of the year, registration with the Business Registers Agency and the official start of PaySpot doo.


May 2016

License to provide payment services

The Executive Board of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has decided that PaySpot will receive a license to provide payment services and thus gain the opportunity to register as a Payment Institution and start providing the most modern types of payment services through its network of representatives.

November 2016

100 payment points

At the end of November 2016, PaySpot reached 100 payment points.


September 2017

Representative for Ria Money transfer

PaySpot payment institution became a representative of Ria Money transfer / RIA money transfer for Serbia. PaySpot representatives were given the opportunity to make payments of received Rio remittances and send remittances abroad.

September 2017

Providing the PaySpot.Net service

The PaySpot payment institution has started providing the PaySpot Net service – making money transfers in the country. It is a money transfer transaction in which one individual from Serbia sends money to another natural person, also in Serbia.


July 2019

1,000 active payment points

In July 2019, we exceeded the number of 1,000 active payment points on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


January 2020

Over 100 employees

As of January 2020, the PaySpot payment institution employs over 100 employees. From several employees at the beginning of 2017, we reached 100 in less than three years. The team we have built is our most important resource and greatest success!


November 2022

Dragon women

The director of the PaySpot payment institution receives the prestigious title: “Dragon Woman”, awarded by the Association of Business Women of Serbia. The company now has over 190 employees and is intensively working on the development of payment solutions.


February 2023

Electronic Money Institution

In February 2023, PaySpot becomes an Electronic Money Institution, as the first payment institution to receive a decision from the National Bank of Serbia.