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Why should you become
PaySpot agent?

PaySpot was the first company in Serbia to enable payment transactions outside the then-existing framework, and that is why we are called leaders for a reason. We know what you need to improve your offer, your business. If you have a good reputation in your environment and if you are a good neighbor – we can provide you with additional income. You do not have any investments, and we will provide you with education and support – become a representative of a payment institution.

Pay bills
Enable secure and fast payment of all types of bills within your business.
No investment
PaySpot provides you with complete technical support free of charge.
Additional income
Provide yourself with an additional source of income within your existing business.
Expand the offer
Provide an additional reason for your neighbors and business partners to come to your facility.
Be part of the team
Become part of a successful PaySpot team.
Stay up to date, follow payment trends.


We are constantly improving and expanding the payment offer in Serbia.


We follow global trends through innovation.


We have stable and constant growth.

Investment plan

Identify yourself in the previous lines.
Become representative

Join in
Team of successful

Become a PaySpot Authorized Dealer. Improve business and profits by providing customers with the ability to pay bills faster and easier.

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