Cooperation between PaySpot, Intesa Bank and Generali insurance in the segment of accepting payment cards - PaySpot doo Novi Sad

October 17, 20170

The PaySpot payment institution, in cooperation with Intesa Bank and Generali insurance, has provided special POS terminals for its representatives to pay the complete costs of vehicle registration (insurance, fees,…) with payment cards. The offer is enabled for technical inspections and agencies that are partners of PaySpot and work with Generali insurance.

Vehicle owners who opt for Generali motor third party liability insurance, when paying for vehicle registration with payment cards, do not have additional costs for card payments, and customers who use payment cards issued by Intesa Bank can additionally opt for payment in installments. The registration procedure paid in a stated manner does not burden the client with additional costs. To the client’s satisfaction, it is completed as soon as possible, enabling the immediate issuance of the registration sticker.

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