Socially responsible business

each of us

We justify our position as a leader through socially responsible business by participating in humanitarian actions and activities that promote healthy lifestyles.

We know that someones little can mean a lot to someone.
The attitude towards the environment is an important component of every serious company in the world.
We promote healthy lifestyles, both inside and outside the company.
Društveno odgovorno poslovanje - Čepom do osmeha
Cooperation with "Čepom do osmeha"

good neighbor

From the very beginning, PaySpot, as a payment institution, now as Electronic Money Institution, is present in humanitarian actions and we really try to identify activities that contribute to the community in a transparent and efficient way (socially responsible business).

We can single out the cooperation with the humanitarian environmental association ” Čepom do osmeha “, which in 2019 was awarded the National Award for the longest-term volunteer action by the CSR Forum of Leaders of Sustainable Development. We recognized them even before the award as an honest and very useful action.

With our friends from the “Čepom do osmeha” Association, our slogan – Your good neighbor – has additional value.

Promotion of healthy habits

By personal example
as motivation

Running for charity is an ideal combination of healthy habits and social responsibility. An example of running is something we recognize as our value: with persistent, hard, and dedicated work we achieve great results.

We rely on our own resources and are responsible for what we achieve. We are proud of our employees who promote this type of activity.

  • Perseverance
  • Dedicated work
  • Discipline
  • Challenges
  • Strong will
  • Goal orientation
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