LoansCredit for the execution of a payment transaction - registration of motor vehicles

Do you need a loan for motor vehicle registration?

Register your motor vehicle with a representative of the Institution – Technical Inspection or an agency for motor vehicle registration and pay all costs with a loan for motor vehicle registration.

  • Loan conditions
  • Advantages of the loan
  • Purpose of the loan: settlement of costs related to the registration of motor vehicles
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Nominal (annual) interest rate: 25%
  • Loan amount: Minimum loan amount: from 10,000.00 RSD to 100,000.00 RSD
  • Loan repayment term: from 1 to 11 months
  • Option to choose the due date of the loan installment: 5th or 20th of the month
  • The possibility of choosing the loan repayment method: Personal payment or through an administrative ban
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire repayment period
  • Quick loan approval
A representative example for potential loan users on 01/30/2024
Representative Examples
Loan Amount 35,000 35,000
Repayment Period 11 months 6 months
Annual Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) 25% 25%
Monthly Installment 3,593 6,266
Costs Associated with Loan Approval, Known at the Time of Advertising
Bill of Exchange 0 0
Basic Credit Bureau Report 246 246
Effective Annual Interest Rate (EIR) 32.07% 34.55%
Total Loan Amount (principal, interest, other costs) 40,582 38,652
EIR Calculated on 30/01/2024 30/01/2024