UncategorizedThe Debate Club of the University of Novi Sad visit the PaySpot payment institution

October 11, 20220

For us, cooperation with educational institutions is a significant factor in the growth and development of our payment institution. Such cooperation represents an opportunity to realize advantages in the form of additional education and potential cooperation with students in the form of employment, practice, and the like.

On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the PaySpot institution hosted the Debate Club of the University of Novi Sad on its premises. The visit aimed to familiarize the students with the work and way of functioning of the PaiSpot suffering institution.

The guests were welcomed by our expert associate for marketing, Sonja Večei. After the welcoming speech of our director and founder, Dubravka Bjekić, Aleksandra Ščepanović took the floor and presented the PaiSpot business model in detail. As the director of the Business Development Department of the PaySpot payment institution, students could hear from Aleksandra and find out what payment services PaySpot has to offer, how to work with representatives, and what our typical working day looks like.

Considering that PaySpot is the first payment institution in Serbia, Aleksandra highlighted the difference in the way banks, institutions for digital assets, fintech companies, and PaySpot operate. Also, the focus was on a very current topic – electronic money. The topic of electronic money is also very close to our payment institution since shortly the PaySpot institution will be able to issue the same, after obtaining permission from the National Bank of Serbia.

In general, we discussed the digitalization of services and the development of innovative IT solutions with students. On the other hand, the feedback we received from them impressed us. The degree of interest and knowledge of students is at an exceptional level. Taking into account that there were students from various study programs and faculties, we discussed multiple items such as cryptocurrencies, security of money transactions, possibilities provided by card payments, ways of advertising PaySpot services, and the PaySpot brand itself.

Payspot will continue to support the initiatives of the University in the coming period to contribute and support the education of students through these types of workshops and the presentation of good practices of the work of a successful company.


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